Specialists in Pilates, Rehabilitation & Clinical Exercise 

Specialists in
Clinical Exercise & Pilates

Reform & Rehab

An integrative health and wellness centre that specialises in clinical exercise physiology, rehabilitation and clinical Pilates that is dedicated to delivering outstanding care by our qualified and experienced practitioners. 

Our Services

Empowering our clients to move well while keeping it fun and progressive.

Private Pilates Rehabilitation

Comprehensive private rehabilitation sessions.
STARTING at $80 per session

Clinical Exercise Physiology

For those with chronic health conditions that need a tailored, and clinical approach, to movement
STARTING at $65 per session

Small Group Mat & Reformer Clinical Pilates

For those looking to maintain or increase physical fitness in a small group setting.
STARTING at $30 per class

Small Group Studio Clinical Pilates


Our Mission

To create positive movement experiences and to empower our clients through self awareness

About Us

Movement as medicine

“It’s not only helping clients during their session in the studio, but also giving them movement education and lifestyle advise, so that they can apply what they have learned to other aspects of their life.

As a practitioner, I believe in broadening my horizon and combining different movement modalities to help people, it’s not one size fits all when it comes to rehabilitation and different people have different needs.”


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Monday to Thursday : 7am – 7:30pm